Our Roots


A letter from Down to Cook’s
Founder & CEO, Trishna Saigal

I started my journey to healthy eating in college after feeling constantly *ick* from eating campus food. On a quest for better options, I would roll a suitcase 10 blocks uphill — both ways — to a local health food store. I remember getting legitimately excited about what deals I might find in the reduced/damaged section. I would make granola bars out of mushy mangoes or go utilitarian and make a big pot of Indian Bhaji from whatever veggies I could find. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of my healthy experimenting days.

I went on to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in complex fluids and emulsions, chasing  a never-ending curiosity in how food is structured. My research in how proteins interact with fat and how texture relates to flavor led me to my first job formulating — of all things — ranch dressing! More specifically, I discovered how to reduce the fat in ranch while maintaining its creamy goodness.

Later, I joined the plant-based food movement at a vegan food startup where I spent long days — and nights — formulating innovative and sustainable foods from split peas. It was equal parts challenging, exhausting, and rewarding.

I was loving it, but my body was not. Putting my career first often meant sacrificing my health, and eating cheese toast for dinner more nights than I’d like to admit.

It was time to recenter my body — and my intentions. From my industry experience, I realized that shaping plants to try to mimic animal products is akin to forcing the wrong piece in a puzzle. Something always felt “off.” I felt like it was time to start accepting plants for who they are. It was time to get back to my veggie-loving roots.

Enter: Down to Cook.

At Down to Cook, we’re on a mission to make cooking healthy meals at home fun and easy — so you can feel good and spend more time on what matters. We want our customers to feel healthy, empowered, and welcomed. We want everyone who desires to eat healthier meals to have access to do so. From the plant-based pros to the veggie-curious, there’s a spot open for everyone at our table. And we’re always down to cook.