Our 'Adda Veggie Mixes helps home cooks make fresh vegetables delicious

 ‘Adda Veggie. And Enjoy.

Take the guesswork out of plant-based eating. 
Our ‘Adda Veggie mixes transform raw vegetables into healthy, satisfying meals. Just B.Y.O. veggie and go!

'Adda Veggie Broccoli Burger

How it Works


From Raw to Ready
in Just 10 minutes.


Everything you need to make a protein-rich,flavor-packed meat alternative — great in buns, bowls, or on their own.

'Adda Veggie Meals.png
Step 1 -- Mix

Step 1

Add 2 cups of fresh, chopped veggies of your choice to our 'Adda Veggie pea protein and spice mix.

Step 2 -- Cook

Step 2

Form into patties or balls and heat.

Step 3 -- Enjoy!

Step 3

Serve it up. Each box makes 4 servings and contains 12 grams of protein per serving.


Serving Suggestions


We like making our 'Adda Veggie protein mix into broccoli ‘burgers.’ But we also recommend you try mushrooms (tastes like mushroom risotto) or get creative with zucchini, beets, eggplant, or kale.


Eat well and feel great with ‘Adda Veggie mixes. 


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